SS Custom Calls is a family run business located in
Moccasin Valley near Lebanon, Va.
My name is Al Shoemaker, and I've been an avid turkey
hunter for nearly 25 years. The passion for the sport is what
led me into experimenting with building my own calls. In the
late 80's I decided to try my hand at building a box call. It
wasn't the best looking call, but it helped me harvest several
gobblers before I sat on it and broke the soundboard. I only
built calls for close friends and fellow turkey hunters in the
beginning. Farming took most of my time back then. I was a
farmer for 27 years.
After I quit farming, I started to get interested in building box
calls again. I really didn't plan to do this for a living. It just
sort of happened.  
In 2007, Josh and I started building calls together.  Not really
knowing what to expect, we offered some calls for sale. One
thing led to another and soon SS Custom calls was born.
We've been truly blessed to be able to make a living doing
something we both really love!
We've made many great friends that enjoy the same passion
for turkey calls and turkey hunting as we do.
SS Custom Calls, All rights reserved.
SS Custom Calls
This was my daughter
Elizabeth's first
gobbler. She killed it
in the Spring of '06. It
weighed 22 lbs., had
an 11 in. beard, and 1
1/8 in. spurs.
1 Corinthians 13:7
Beareth all things,
believeth all things,
hopeth all things,
endureth all things.
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This is my daughter Gracie, she
checks the calls to see if they
pass her approval.
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