Field Staff
Tim Jones

Tim was born in Richmond, VA and moved to North Carolina at age 4. He
currently lives in the small town of Ellenboro, NC. Tim is happily married to
his wife Lisa and they have a daughter named Mallory. As an active member
of his church he helps with outdoor events such as their annual turkey shoot
and skeet challenge.

Tim has been hunting and fishing since he was 4 yrs. old. He has been
chasing long beards for many years now and has been a very successful
turkey hunter. "I had no one to introduce me to the sport, so I am a self
taught turkey hunter. Thank goodness for DVD's. I wish I could have been
hunting turkeys my whole life." If you get the chance to talk to Tim about
turkey hunting you'll learn quickly that this man is passionate about this
sport. "I truly love this sport and everything it stands for. I hope I'm still
hunting turkeys when I'm 100."

We are glad to have Tim as part of the SS Team. "I am so thankful to be a
very small part of what these guys do. I have been overwhelmingly
impressed with Al, Josh, and their wonderful calls since day one. Our
friendship has grown through the years and I hope it continues to grow as
the years roll on by."

Tim's gear of choice......
Guns: Weatherby PA-459 Digital TR, Sum Toy .650 Custom Choke &
Mossberg 835, 24" barrell, Sum Toy .673 Custom  Choke
Ammo: Winchester ammunition
Favorite Calls: SS Laminated Slate/Glass pot call, SS Laminated Bronzed
Glass pot call, SS Clincher Canarywood/Butternut box, and a variety of
mouth calls.
Phil Quist

Phil, 52, lives in Montgomery, Michigan with his wonderful wife Darla. He is
currently a Chemistry Teacher and N.W.T.F.  Hillsdale Chapter  
President/Co-banquet Chairman.

Phil has been hunting turkey's for about 26 years. "Michigan did not have
large populations of turkey's when I was younger." He has also been
hunting small game for 40 years and has been deer hunting for around 38

"My favorite calls used: short boxes, single siders, longboxes, scratchers,
and pot calls."
SS Custom Calls, All Rights Reserved.
Frank Verret

I was born in Morgan City, La in 1963,  a true Cajun.  I am the proud father of
two wonderful girIs Pamela (11) and Carolyn (9). I was fortunate to have a
father that grew up hunting and fishing outdoors and passed his knowledge
down to me.   I ended up working in the oilfield until my passion for the
outdoors pulled me back to school getting undergraduate degrees in
Zoology and Chemistry and then on to Graduate School for Environmental,
Forestry and Wildlife Biology.  I was a Deer Biologist for 18 years.  I started
hunting turkeys in the swamps of Louisiana in the late 80’s when they
opened up turkey hunting, this is the largest swamp in North America
extremely tough hunting the same areas you see in the show “Swamp
People”.  No mentors just learned by trial an error that was 25 plus years
ago.  Since then I have, hunted Turkeys from upstate New York to South
Louisiana.  My passions are my girls, turkey hunting and upland and duck
hunting  behind some extremely fine German Shorthair Pointers which  I
love to train.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have come across Al
and Josh on the Internet and ordered a call and was utterly amazed at the
sounds that call produces. I have owned many fine custom made calls but
this call was different.  It still amazes me the amount of turkey they put in
their calls.  Al and Josh are true gentlemen and I am extremely lucky to have
found a team of what I consider to be two of the finest craftsmen to build
turkey calls in the world allowing  me to be a small part of their SS Field

Franks Choice of Gear
GUN: Mossberg 835 or single shot HR 10 gauge.
Ammo: Federal copper plated #5 3 ½”
Favorite calls:  SS Scratch box (Holly and Ebony) would not leave home with
out it.
Tube call, and a custom made Slate call and a  Neil Cost style box call . I
use mouth calls but rarely and just to finish a bird if I am hunting solo.  

I will be field testing a paddle call this coming year, along with their Bird
house calls.

Here is a link to my go to call -

Good Hunting everyone and God Bless.
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Field Staff
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Derek Smith

Derek was born and raised in Dickenson County, VA.    He currently lives in
Daniels WV since 2012 after being transferred there with his job.  Derek is
married to his wife Beth and they have two little boys Rylan, and Kade.   He
has been a minister for over 13 yrs. and is currently the youth minister at his

Derek has been spring turkey hunting for 24 years.  His dad took him on his
first spring turkey hunt when he was 8 yrs. old and has been hooked ever
since.  Derek spends many days and hours afield in the spring in multiple
states guiding family, friends and occasionally finds the time for a solo
hunt.  He has a deep passion for spring turkey hunting and sharing his time
in the woods fellow shipping with family and friends in Gods great
outdoors.    If Derek is not scouting or hunting turkeys you will find him
hunting grouse behind his English setters.

SS Custom calls produce top quality calls with tons of turkey in them.  Al and
Josh are outstanding people to work with and have a great passion for
turkey hunting and most important our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!   You
can’t go wrong with a call from SS Custom Calls!

Derek’s gear of choice
Guns: Mossberg 935, TruGlo SSX .670 Choke &
Mossberg 500 Super Bantam, 22” Barrel, Moss X-Full Choke

Ammo: Winchester Long Beard XR